A New Use For Used (And Broken) Tile

A New Use For Used (And Broken) Tile

Here are some ideas of how to recycle your used and broken tiles that will enhance your garden looks.

  1. Most of people prefer to use something heavy and permanent for the edges of the garden, like a low brick wall, or rocks set together with mortar. Bricks can be set freely so it can be more effective.  Because brick can be placed in a simple line, stacked in a double row or end to end with gaps in between. The bricks can also be set diagonally.
  2. Next you can decorate the edges of your garden by decorating short lengths of board with old tiles. Tiles can be purchase in cheap price. You can glued the the tiles on each board.
  3. Another thing can be used is bush rocks. Remember, if you want to use bush rock at your edges garden, they shouldn’t be too big, unless you get help when you decorate that. You may gather the rocks from your friends farm or from the bush.
  4. You can use plants that suitable with your climates and conditions. You could try alpine phlox. The pink color will make it more attractive and looks pretty.
  5. If you have a big garden, you might consider comfrey as your edging plant. It will prevent grass intruding to the garden.
  6. For small garden, you can use sweet alice, pansies, petunias or violas to make great borders. If you want something different, you can use a herb border.

A New Use For Used (And Broken) Tile_

Well.. some people prefer to bevel their garden edge with shovel. Id your lawn has sort of grass with runners, this can be a good option. Whatever option you choose for your garden edge, it will enhance your garden’s look.


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